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Umlaut is the brainchild of ex-Mr. Bungle saxophonist and composer Bär McKinnon. Echoes of his work with Mr. Bungle are evident, though ultimately this is a very personal project. Swinging from meticulous chamber-pop majesty to unapologetic 4-track romps, Umlaut sounds like a twisted film score, with lush orchestrations, elegiac meditations and crushing bursts of gleeful irreverence. Also featuring members of Sex On Toast, Saskwatch, A Lonely Crowd, etc…


Kintsugi (EP)


(ROM017)   Released October 31, 2019



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Arunachala (EP)


(ROM015)   Released April 19, 2019

CD / Bandcamp / UK / US

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To Your Poverty Quietly Go


(ROM009)   Released August 29, 2014

CD / Vinyl / Bandcamp / UK / US


To Your Poverty Quietly Go review

The Music Trust (Joseph Cummins) May 1, 2015

I wish I could walk around in the film-world scored by Umlaut, a place built with slightly distorted dimensions. Read more >

To Your Poverty Quietly Go review

Norman Records  August 29, 2014 (4 stars)

…a crisp and insanely tight mixture of madcap prog rock, spy movie dramatics and easy-listening jazz that throws you in about a million directions before its 13 songs are out. Read more >

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