Pigeon Laundry


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Two of Australia’s finest improvisers, violinist Shenzo Gregorio (FourPlay, Shenzo’s Electric Stunt Orchestra) and guitarist Julian Curwin (The Tango Saloon, Darth Vegas) join forces to form Pigeon Laundry. The pair met at Woodford Folk Festival last millenium, and later played and toured together with the likes of The Tango Saloon, The Mango Balloon and Monsieur Camembert. Impromptu jam sessions ensued, in band rooms, lounge rooms and festival campsites. Left to soak for quite some time, Pigeon Laundry is now ready to be released to the world.


Pigeon Laundry

Pigeon Laundry

(ROM011)   Released August 5, 2016

CD / Bandcamp / UK / US


Pigeon Laundry album review

A Closer Listen (Richard Allen) August 20, 2016

It’s hard to resist a duo whose first single and video features a leaf blower.  Yes, “Blow” is destined to be the go-to track for lawn workers this upcoming season. Read more >

Pigeon Laundry album review

Norman Records  August 30, 2016 (4 stars)

The record, for one so largely improvised, is a joy. Not just for the birds. Read more >


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Romero Records is an independent record label based in Sydney, Australia. Since 2012, musician/producer Julian Curwin and artist/designer Reanne Potter have been providing a home for music that doesn't fit elsewhere, including Curwin's varied musical collaborations.

From exotic latin jazz to early classical music to lounge/surf/metal experiments, Romero Records is creating a catalogue that is truly eclectic while highly listenable and intoxicating.
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