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Julian Curwin


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Although Julian Curwin has been producing recordings for over 20 years, ‘Midnight Lullaby’ (2020) is the first release under Curwin’s own name. He has led or co-led releases by the likes of The Tango Saloon, The Mango Balloon, Munkle and Cannibal Spiders, as well as 2018’s critically acclaimed ‘Crossing’ collaboration with soprano Jane Sheldon. Stylistically ‘Midnight Lullaby’ falls somewhere between all of these projects, taking elements from each and distilling them into one of Curwin’s most cohesive and personal albums to date.


Second Sight
Second Sight for web.jpg

Julian Curwin

(ROM023)   Released April 1, 2022


CD / Bandcamp



ML cover1400.jpg
Midnight Lullaby

Julian Curwin

(ROM018)   Released May 7, 2020

CD / Bandcamp / UK / US

Live review

The Wire (Andy Hamilton) March 2023

Curwin is a subtle artist whose music, with its profound stillness, economy, intriguing colours and textures, can't be taken at face value... This is classicism to the point of minimalism, and it's a unique concept.

Live review

The Sydney Morning Herald (John Shand) May 10, 2020 (4.5 stars)

The music's mood is elegiac and introspective, and his compositions are more like miniatures than panoramas. The guitarist assembled some of Australia's most creative musicians to realise his sparse but highly detailed scores. Read more >

Midnight Lullaby album review

News From Neptune (Dave Miller) June 6, 2020

Comprising low-key, gently cinematic instrumentals, it draws upon jazz, folk, classical and Latin influences among to wonderful effect. Read more >

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